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Be a music critic!

For students who were unable to attend the Studio Class in February, here's your chance to earn 5 Bonus Points for yourself and for your House!
Below are all the posters we recently put up in the Mozart's Gym studios. Your task is to check out 3 songs or pieces from different musicians and submit a listening review (form to the right) for each one you listen to.

Let us know what you think about the music...

  • What instruments do you hear?

  • How would you describe the music to someone who has never heard it?

  • What do you hear that you really like?

  • What is the overall feeling or mood that is being conveyed?

Use all your music training to give the best descriptions you can!

Saturday, June 1st, 9pm

Submit one form for each song/piece.
Submit 3 to earn all 5 Bonus Points!

Thanks for submitting!

4x6- Billy Joel.png
4x6- The Beatles 3.png
4x6- John Williams.png
4x6- Taylor Swift 1.png
4x6- Bob Marley.png

Bob Marley

The Beatles

John Williams

Billy Joel

Taylor Swift

4x6- Mumford & Sons.png
4x6- Adele.png
4x6- Lin-Manuel Miranda.png
4x6- Queen.png
4x6- Stevie Wonder.png



Lin-Manuel Miranda

Mumford & Sons

Stevie Wonder

4x6- Beyonce.png
4x6- Weezer.png
4x6- Amadeus.png
4x6- Hans Zimmer.png
4x6- Coldplay.png



Hans Zimmer



4x6- Garth Brooks.png
4x6- Alan Menken_edited.jpg
4x6- One Direction.png
4x6- Beethoven.png
4x6- Alicia Keys.png

Alicia Keys


Alan Menken

Garth Brooks

One Direction

At Last I See The Light

   - from Tangled

Under The Sea

   - from The Little Mermaid

Friend Like Me

- from Aladdin

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